Deep Moisturiser

Głębokie nawilżanie dla skóry normalnej/mieszanej

Esse Deep Moisturiser nawilży i utrzyma równowagę, nie pozostawiając tłustych pozostałości ani suchych obszarów. Prebiotyki i ekstrakty probiotyczne wzmacniają funkcję barierową.

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Szczegóły Produktu

99% Naturalne
83% organiczne
100% wegańskie
100% wolny od okrucieństwa
345g śladu węglowego
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13 opinii dla Deep Moisturiser

  1. Di

    The first thing I love is it is an organic product and it makes my skin look plump and moisturised all day even after a week of using it, I can see a big difference. I have an oily combination skin and this balances it perfectly. It is worth every cent. Thank you Esse

  2. Jackie

    I am so happy I finally found a product that works for my sensitive skin so perfectly.

  3. Ruth clarke

    Good stuff!

  4. Tonia Schonken

    I am post menopausal. Nine years ago I was really struggling to find a moisturiser that would work for my combination skin without clogging my pores. This one ticks every box. I use it day and night for soft, clear, perfect skin! I do not need a night cream at all,just Esse eye & lip cream.

  5. Courtneigh Grundligh

    This moisturiser was my first point of call when I started using Esse. I find it is great for a wide range of skins. It’s very nourishing without being too oily and if I’m confused as to what moisturiser to use, this is generally always a winner!

  6. Yvette Botha

    This was my first moisturiser I started using from Esse, and it still remains my Go-To moisturiser. I love the fact that it is very easily absorbed, but still makes your skin feel well moisturised.

  7. Jenine

    I just LOVE this moisturizer! I use this as my day cream all year round as it perfectly balances and moisturizes my skin.

  8. Melissa Johnson

    I find it is the go to moisturiser for normal/combination skins. Great to use this one during winter if you are using the light moisturiser in summer – just gives the skin that little extra it needs in the cooler months.

  9. Loice Gwah

    One thing I love about Esse it doesn’t lighten the skin it just preserves and corrects the goodness within the skin. Before the deep moisturiser I really struggled to get a moisturiser or a cream that isn’t skin lightening, now with Esse I am so happy and am settled

  10. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    I like to use this for my combination oily skin clients I find it helps counter balance there skin out. Plus it gives there skin prebiotics to feed there microbes what I can say is a bonus:)

  11. Kerry Venter

    The deep moisturizer is the perfect choice for a combination skin like mine. Hydrating, yet not heavy on my skin. I pair it with the repair oil at night when my skin needs a little bit extra. Lovely natural fragrance!

  12. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    I’ve always battled with an oily t zone. Tried a million types of moisturizers and ofcourse nothing can beat the esse deep moisturiser! It’s the perfect balance for my skin type and one of my best sellers with my clients! My boyfriend basically counts down how many more days of application he has left in the bottle! If that isn’t love. I don’t know what is! My number 1 go to moisturiser!

  13. Elisabeth

    First use, I’m impressed. I have a very oily skin; normally by 10 in the morning, my skin would start shining already. But with this product, at 2 in the afternoon, no need to run after my powder sponge… 🙂
    Age – 29

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